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Clinic 805 - Surgical Procedures > Buttockplasty

Buttockplasty/Gluteoplasty (Buttock Lift)

Excess skin and fat in the buttock area can be removed with gluteoplasty. This procedure is usually associated with redundant skin in the buttock area after significant weight loss. A buttock lift can address the area above the buttocks or below the gluteal folds. As with many other body contour surgeries, patients are exchanging contour for scars. Dr. Smith would assess each patient’s concerns and design the appropriate surgical plan as needed.

Dr. Smith will meet with you in consultation prior to booking surgery. Pre-operative photographs may be taken at this time, or on the day of surgery.

This procedure is performed at our private clinic under general anaesthetic. You will be required to fast after midnight the night before. Wear loose fitting/comfortable clothing to the clinic. You must have someone drive you home and stay with you after surgery.

Patients may be discharged from the clinic with a Foley catheter still in place (for approximately three days, as it may be difficult to sit post-op). You will be given instructions on care for this catheter. You may experience a moderate amount of incision discomfort for the first five days; therefore, pain medication will be provided as needed. You will be asked to wear a binder (or spandex tights/shorts) to support your incisions and dressings for several weeks post-operatively. A homecare nurse will visit patients at home/hotel room to assess post-operatively.

Gluteoplasty surgery requires a constant level of home support. You will need to have this organized and in place prior to booking their surgery. A care giver will need to help you with medication, positioning, mobility, hygiene, dressings, and meals. This 24/7 care is recommended for at least 3 – 5 days post-op.

You will be asked to position yourself to minimize tension on your incisions. Because of prolonged immobility post-operatively, your legs may be tensored and we ask that you move your legs periodically in bed to prevent deep vein thrombosis (blot clots). Once the mobility increases, this will no longer be a concern. You will be instructed on wound care and dressings by one of our nurses.

Most patients are up and about in approximately 5 – 7 days post-operatively. You will be back to full activity at 4 – 6 weeks. Our office nurse will see you in follow-up 5 – 7 days post-op, and subsequently as required.

Dr. Smith will meet with you approximately 3 – 6 months after your surgery to assess results and take post-operative photographs.